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Project “Sustainable Development of Local Communities through the Actualization of Cultural Heritage”

Project was implemented by the Charitable Foundation Intelektualna Perspektyva in cooperation with the Center of Social Expertizes of the IS NASU with the financial support of the EU in the framework of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme

Implementation period: November 2011 – March 2015

Project Manager: Maryna Sadova

Overall objective of the Project was strengthening the cultural sector of Ukraine and Belarus through the rehabilitation and preservation of the ethno-cultural heritage of Polissya region.

The specific objectives implemented within the Project were as follows:
- Establishment of cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus in order to preserve culture of Polissya region;
- Increase of the efficiency of work of DNCKSTK organization in study and preservation of the culture of the Polissya through improvement of its material and technical potential;
- Creating a network of cooperation between public authorities and NGOs aimed at better conservation of the cultural heritage of Polissya;
- Promotion of the culture of the Polissya among members of the society

Project Partners:
The State Scientific Center on Cultural Heritage Protection from the Man-made Catastrophe (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Non-governmental organization "Lev Sapieha Foundation" (Minsk, Gomel, Belarus)
Ukrainian Center of Cultural Research under the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

For more information in English (Project materials and photos, as well as description of the Project itself) see .