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1.       "ObstaclesandPossibilitiesforPromotionofFreedomofAssociationsandRecognition of the Right to Collective Bargaining and Development of Sustainable and Coordinated Mechanism for Tripartism and Social Dialogue at all Levels in Ukraine"

2.       ImpactAssessmentoftheProject “Development of Capability of the Poorest Communities”

3.       ResearchwithinthepilotProgramme «Push-pull Migration Portugal Ukraine» in Khmelnytskyi city ordered by the World Bank

4.       "SurveyamongMigrantswhoReturnedfromGreecetoUkraineduringMay, 2008 – January, 2010" ordered by the International Women’s Rights Center «La Strada - Ukraine»

5.       "UkrainianPublicOpiniononNotabilityofthe Trade Mark and Commercial Unit "FORBES"

6.       AssessmentofEffectivenessoftheProject "Restoring Trust to Immunization in Ukraine"

7.       «MonitoringofBehaviorandHIVSpreadamongMen, whohaveSexwithMenascomponentofthe 2ndGenerationEpidemiologicalSurveillanceover HIV» ordered by the Intentional Charitable Foundation International HIV/AIDS Alliance Ukraine

8.       "SurveyamongExpertsinSocialServicesforMigrants" ordered by the International Women’s Rights Center «La Strada - Ukraine»

9.       "ResearchoftheSocialandReproductiveHealthofWomen, whohaveSexwithWomen" orderedbytheMykalaivAssociationofGay, LesbiansandBisexuals«LiGA», with financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, in cooperation with COC Netherlands organization within the PRECIS Project

10.   «AssessmentofModels of In-patient TB Treatment. SociologicalComponent» orderedbytheWHO Ukraine

11.   MonitoringofHumanRightsViolationintheContextofAccessofMSMtoMainHIV/AIDS Services (prevention, treatment, support and care) ordered by the UNDP Ukraine

12.   ResearchwithintheProject: «GenderandHIV: fromPaternalismtoActive Participation» ordered by the All-Ukrainian Ntework of People Living with HIV/AIDS

13.   Assessment of the Project "Network" in Ukraine on Development of the MSM- and CSW-friendly Specialists in 3 Regions of Ukraine"  ordered by the "Connect +" organization within the GTZ Project


14.   «LinkedresearchamongMSMbytheRDSmethodinMykolaivcity» orderbytheMykolaivGayandLesbiansAssociation"LILGA", in the frameworks of the СОС Netherlands Project