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  1. «Assessment of the Chornobyl Publication «Facts for Life» based on the Comparative Analysis of the Baseline and Final Study of the Parents Awareness Level» funded by the UNICEF Ukraine
  2. «Assessment of Management System and Provision of HIV Services (prevention, treatment, support and care) for Main Target Groups in Odesa City and Analysis of Patients Rights and Best Client-Friendly Practices in the Helathcare System in Ukraine, funded by the UNDP Ukraine
  3.  «Social and Demographic Determinants of HIV Mother to Child Transmission in Ukraine» funded by the UNICEF Ukraine
  4.  «Sustainable Development of Local Communities through the Actualization of Cultural Heritage» within the Eastern Partnership Cultural Programme funded by the European Union
  5. Organizing and Conducting of the Regional Tripartite Workshop Social Dialogue at the Territorial Level: Implementation of the Law of Ukraine «On Social Dialogue in Ukraine»  funded by the ILO Office in Ukraine
  6. «Advocacy of Mobilization of the Political Will and Rising Public Awareness Level to Promote Combating TB Epidemic in Ukraine» funded by the CF «Development of Ukraine» within the Programme «Stop TB in Ukraine» of the 9 Global Fund Round for Combating AIDS, TB and Malaria
  7. «Monitoring of the Process of Adaptation of the Civil Service of Ukraine to the EU Standards in the Sphere of Policy Analysis and Development» funded by the European Union
  8. «КАРВ Survey among Workers of the Maritime Industry», 2012 ordered by the GIZ Ukraine
  9. «Mapping of Diagnostic and Prevention Services regarding TB for People Living with HIV/AIDS at HIV/AIDS Prevention and Combating Centers, ordered by the International Charitable Organization «All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS»
  10. «Assessment of Implementation of Pilot Projects on Dissemination of Femidoms (Female Condoms) among MSM, ordered by the ICF «International Alliance in HIV/AIDS in Ukraine»
  11. «Ethnographic Research of the Lifestyle and Main Behavioral Patterns of MSM in the three Ukrainian Cities», ordered by the ICF «International Alliance in HIV/AIDS in Ukraine»
  12. «Needs Assessment of MSM in Prison in Mykolaiv City and representatives of LGB community in the three Ukrainian Cities (Mykolaiv, Simferopol, and Odesa)», ordered by the Mykolav Association of Gay and Lesbians «LiGA»
  13. «KABP regarding HIV/AIDS among Truch Drivers», 2012, ordered by the UNFPA Ukraine