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1.    “Social Inequality and Why It Matters for the Economic and Democratic Development of Europe and Its Citizens: Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe in Comparative Perspective” upon the order of European Commission (2006-2009). The project is implemented in collaboration with countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 
2.    Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Central Executive Power Bodies for Policy Making in the Context of the Concept Development of a Training and Consultative Center for the Highest Corps of Civil Servants. The project is initiated by the the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine. (2007-2008).
3.    Conducting of the gender analysis of current gender situation in Ukraine “Gender stereotypes and public attitude to the gender problems in Ukrainian society” (UNDP, 2007)
4.    "Development of model of local cooperation system for local authorities, employers, trade unions and NGOs as well as private sector involvement to strengthen national response to the HIV/AIDS epidemics in Ukraine" (ordered by UNDP and ILO) 2007
5.    "Determination of main characteristics of HIV-positive mothers who can abandon a child in Ukraine” upon the order of “Doctors of the world” within the project “Prevention of abandonment of children by HIV-positive mothers” upon the order of Mama+ (2007).
6.    Assessment of needs in education of venereologists, urologists and therapists concerning prevention of expansion of sexual transmitted infections and MSM consultation assistance in ten cities of Ukraine (ordered by AIDS Fund East-West) 2007
7.    Assessment of the efficiency of activity of the program of prevention of AIDS Easr-West Fund and Gey-Aliance among men having sex with men (ordered by East-West AIDS Fund) 2007
8.    “Estimation of needs in training the venereologists, urologists and therapeutists of Kiev City on STIs prevention and MSM support based on the AFEW Program implementation “Work with vulnerable groups” upon the order of AFEW (2007).
9.    “Effectiveness evaluation of program implementation on HIV prevention among MSM of AIDS Foundation East West and Gay-Alliance” upon the order of AFEW (2007).
10.    “Development of recommendations on activation of social development processes in settled and territorial communities, with using the social-psychological monitoring data of the Chernobyl Accident consequences” (Ministry of Ukraine on Emergency Situations and People Protection from the Chernobyl Accident Consequences, 2006-2007)
11.    “Training for officials: organisation of monitoring system on children rights protection” (UNDP 2006-2007)