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1.    “Rapid evaluation of information projects” (UNICEF, 2008-2009)

2.    “Supporting the Up-Scaling efforts of the Child labour Monitoring System in Ukraine” (IPEC, 2008-2009)

3.    “Public opinion poll on social support system in Ukraine” (Ministry of labour and social policy, 2009)

4.    “Monitoring of behavior and distribution of HIV infection among MSM as the component of the second generation HIV epidemiological surveillance” (“International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine”, 2009)

5.    “Sociological research: evaluation of decentralization and services delivery of water supply in Vinnytska oblast and AR of the Crimea” (DesPro: Project “Support to Decentralization in Ukraine”, 2009)

6.    “Social Inequality and Why It Matters for the Economic and Democratic Development of Europe and Its Citizens: Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe in Comparative Perspective” upon the order of European Commission (2006-2009). The project is implemented in collaboration with countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

7.    “International Technical Assistance Project “Support to Decentralization in Ukraine” (2009)

8.    Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Central Executive Power Bodies for Policy Making in the Context of the Concept Development of a Training and Consultative Center for the Highest Corps of Civil Servants. The project is initiated by the the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine. (2008-2009).


9.    Project Influence Assessment „Development of the potential of the poorest communities” (Social Investment Fund of Ukraine (2009)